Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

The Why Behind Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing


Whether you’re a new seasoned or veteran investor, how do you approach real estate investing so that you also remain calm? 

How do you keep focused and know that your numbers are correct, and still have confidence in your numbers and in your process? 

All this can be done by being mindful – and mindfulness is achieved through education. 


What Keeps You in Zen Mode as an Investor

Don’t get too hopped up over every single deal. Keep a very slow and steady mindset. If they don’t take it, no problem. Make another offer. 

Don’t cater to what anybody wants from you or what they say the value is. If you know the value, stick with it and figure out new ways to assess your numbers.

When you feel centered, then you understand that you’ve done the background work, and once you get to the tipping point, it becomes very easy to walk away.

The lack of mindfulness comes with emotional attachment to every single deal – and that’s the why behind this podcast. 


The Why Behind The Podcast

Each week, Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing is here to remind you that you can get centered in this crazy market – downturn, upturn, it doesn’t matter. 

You can always invest as long as you have an educational background in this field and you fully understand the landscape. However, the problem with everything in technology is that everybody’s selling something. 

It’s difficult to understand what’s real and what’s not, what you should buy and what you shouldn’t buy, and what you can find on your own for free (which is why podcasts are so amazing!). 

All the information you will find here is free – because I want to save you from the people out there who aren’t here for the right reasons. 

And I’m here to be your voice of reason. 

Keep on listening if you want to find out more unusual ways of keeping yourself centered. Get to know a ton of real estate investors who have found their own niche and found a way to become experts. 

Because when you become an expert, you get into what we all want to aspire for – the Zen mode.

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