Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

131: Disrupting the Construction Industry by Modernizing Manufacturing with Damion Lupo


Aside from the invention of the nail gun, technology has remained relatively unchanged in the last 75 years when it comes to constructing real estate. One company is trying to change that and make the industry more efficient and less wasteful.

On today’s episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan’s guest is Damion Lupo, the Chief Investment Officer of FrameTec. Over the last 30 years, Damion has owned more than 65 companies and personally purchased over 150 houses, apartment complexes, and condos in seven states. He has a long history in real estate, and with FrameTec, he’s modernizing manufacturing and disrupting the construction industry.

Jonathan and Damion begin their conversation by outlining how FrameTec is disrupting the construction business, the gap it’s filling, and why it’s causing both excitement and panic. You’ll hear what losing everything during the 2008 crash taught Damion, how a lack of patience can be detrimental in this business, and two things you can do to avoid making drastic investing mistakes. He also shares where to look for people you can trust and learn from, how to avoid FOMO, and why you should never be afraid to do the work. Finally, Damion outlines the scope of FrameTec, how it will revolutionize real estate, and the huge problem FrameTec is set to solve.

Disrupting construction is a big goal, but Damion Lupo is well on his way to changing the face of the industry.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What FrameTec does and how the company is disrupting the construction business
  • The gap FrameTec is filling in the construction industry and why it’s causing both panic and excitement
  • How this new construction model is positively impacting local communities and helping to alleviate the housing shortage
  • Damion Lupo’s introduction to real estate in the ‘90s and the mistakes he made during the 2008 crash
  • Why it’s essential to have people you respect and trust to point out your blind spots and have a mission beyond money
  • Remaining focused and not overleveraged yourself so that you become distracted
  • The biggest mistakes people make when they have money but lack patience
  • Two things you can do to avoid making drastic mistakes with your investing
  • Where to find people you can eventually trust and learn from
  • Avoiding FOMO, having a five- to ten-year plan, being patient, and putting in the work
  • Why you should never take advice from people who make less money than you
  • Asking the right questions to get an honest answer and a deeper understanding of the concept
  • The overall scope of FrameTec, how it’s going to help real estate, and the huge problem FrameTec is set to solve
  • Gaps in construction post-2008 and why big wealth isn’t in turnkey properties
  • How you can be successful by just offering customer service
  • Investing in yourself to move forward
  • Damion’s many books and what drives him to write them

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