Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

128: Embracing Wanderlust with Unique Short-Term Rentals with Zoey Berghoff


Becoming an accidental landlord happens a lot with long-term rentals, but the same cannot be said for short-term rentals. So what happens when it does?

On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, short-term rental investor Zoey Berghoff sits down with Jonathan to talk about the successful short-term rental operation she and her husband are running in Colorado. Zoey is a visionary in the world of short-term rentals and is renowned for her unique approach to Airbnb and unique stays that offer unforgettable experiences to her guests.

To start their conversation, Zoey shares with Jonathan what she learned as she watched her mom manage vacation rental cabins in Michigan as a kid. From there, they discuss why simplicity is the secret to hospitality excellence, Airbnb’s role as a marketing tool, and why unique stays attract guests. You’ll hear why you don’t want to appeal to every guest, avoiding the Instant Book feature, how Zoey and her husband became accidental short-term hosts, and why you need professional photos of your listings. Zoey emphasizes setting boundaries and being willing to deny bookings, what her coaching business is teaching others about short-term rental properties, and using your properties to fund new short-term ventures. She also shares the one amenity you cannot put a price on.

If you’ve ever considered becoming an Airbnb host, you won’t want to miss all of the hard-earned lessons Zoey Berghoff shares in this episode.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Zoey Berghoff’s introduction to real estate as a kid when her mom rented out cabins in Michigan
  • Why simplicity is the secret to excellence in hospitality
  • The changes in the hosting experience with the evolution of technology
  • Airbnb’s role in short-term rentals as a marketing tool
  • Taking advantage of every channel available to you as a short-term rental owner
  • The unique qualities of short-term rentals that are driving consumer interest
  • What Zoey learned to disclose about her properties on listings so that users’ expectations are set about the property they’re renting
  • Why you don’t want to appeal to every guest who views your listing
  • Choosing not to use the Instant Book feature and making everything else about the listing on point to compensate
  • How Zoey and her husband became accidental short-term hosts
  • Buying properties where you enjoy spending time and also running it like a business
  • Knowing the demographics of your guests and accommodating them
  • Getting professional photos and showcasing the seasons
  • Using social media to market your properties and the impact an influencer can have
  • Setting boundaries as a host and denying bookings
  • Zoey’s coaching business and what she’s teaching her students
  • Why all land is not created equal
  • Holding short-term rentals for the long term and using the appreciation to fund new rentals
  • The importance of having proximity to a town while guests still feel “away” from everything and the advantage of multiple properties at your disposal
  • What you can expect from Zoey’s coaching program
  • The one amenity you can’t put a price on

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