Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

121: Creating a New Path to Home Ownership by Partnering with Investors with Frank Rohde


For first-time homebuyers, today’s purchasing process is stressful—especially with current interest rates and the market’s competitive nature. What if there was a different path to becoming a homeowner without the stress?

On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan interviews Frank Rohde, co-founder of Ownify, a company reimagining the homebuying process by partnering with socially conscious investors to streamline the homebuying process. Frank has a business background in the mortgage industry. He began considering entrepreneurship when he realized he had the tools and know-how to help first-time buyers getting squeezed out of the market find a path to home ownership.

As they start their conversation, Jonathan and Frank explore the two reasons Frank co-founded Ownify, its core value proposition, and what San Francisco’s continued property appreciation taught him about the importance of real estate in wealth creation. He explains how Ownify assists both investors and single-family homebuyers to get into the housing market, the importance of payment certainty for first-time buyers, and how investors invest in Ownify properties. Jonathan and Frank discuss why Ownify is yielding a higher rate of return than the traditional single-family rental model, how they find properties, and the markets Frank is considering for future expansion.

While many hopeful first-time buyers are looking for a solution to get into the real estate market, Frank Rohde and Ownify offer a unique solution that benefits both buyers and investors.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The two reasons behind Frank Rohde’s decision to co-found his real estate company, Ownify
  • The core value proposition behind Ownify
  • What San Francisco’s continued property appreciation taught Frank about how important real estate is to wealth creation
  • Ownify’s mission and how they help both investors and single-family homebuyers get into the housing market
  • First-time buyers’ preference for payment certainty and how Ownify addresses that concern
  • How investors invest in Ownify properties, which have built-in diversification from day one
  • Creating a circle of trust capital for investors who want to invest in particular homes
  • The two reasons Frank says Ownify is yielding a higher return than the traditional single-family rental model
  • Where homeowners find properties to purchase and partner with Ownify and a real estate agent’s role in the process
  • Building a process that supports the buyer with the intent of winning the deal
  • Why the Ownify process is appealing to real estate agents and where they’re finding investors
  • The markets Frank Rohde is considering for expansion

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