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118: How to Become a Professional House Hacker with Shawn McEnteer


House hacking is often the entry point for new real estate investors, whetting their appetites to learn more about real estate investing. Sometimes, it’s an accidental discovery that leads to something much bigger.

On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan interviews Shawn McEnteer about how he became a professional house hacker—with a wife and four kids in tow! Shawn is a licensed real estate agent in New Jersey who discovered the magic of house hacking about a decade ago. Today, he specializes in properties he can house hack and teaches his clients how to do the same.

As their conversation begins, Jonathan and Shawn cover the mindset shift it takes to house hack as a parent with four children. Shawn shares his introduction to house hacking, why he obtained his real estate license, and how his real estate investments have helped him and his wife grow both their real estate business and his wife’s business using the equity from their properties. Shawn outlines what makes his assets more attractive than apartment complexes, why he focuses his investments on his local New Jersey market, and why you should get comfortable with renovations if you’re going to become a house hacker. Jonathan and Shawn talk about the importance of being on the same page as your partner, what you can learn from making offers—even bad ones, and Shawn’s advice for becoming a successful landlord.

For a fresh perspective on real estate investing, Shawn McEnteer is revealing all for aspiring house hackers and those who haven’t considered it before.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The mindset shift it takes to house hack when you have children
  • Shawn McEnteer’s introduction to real estate investing and house hacking
  • His decision to obtain his real estate license and what prompted it
  • What attracted Shawn and his wife to house-hacking and the types of properties they look for
  • How Shawn and his wife used real estate equity for her to become an owner in a business and grow both businesses at the same time
  • The tenants who are attracted to his properties and why Shawn’s properties are more appealing than an apartment building
  • Where Shawn focuses his investment dollars, why he chose those markets, and how his moves have impacted his kids
  • Qualities of the New Jersey market that make it a great investment locale
  • The questions Shawn asks when someone calls him for advice on house hacking
  • Getting comfortable with renovations as a house-hacking strategy
  • Why remaining in New Jersey instead of investing in other states has been key to creating real estate wealth for Shawn
  • The advantages of having a real estate license as an investor
  • Making sure you’re on the same page as your partner when you start investing in properties
  • What you can learn from making offers on assets in the beginning and narrowing down your market
  • Shawn McEnteer’s advice for becoming a successful landlord

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