Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

086: Taking Control of Your Financial Future Through Real Estate with Lindsay Lovell


Retiring at 63 with “enough” may sound good on the surface, but when you examine what financial freedom can look like, your 401(k) may begin to lose its luster. Finding other ways to create wealth could be the secret to creating the retirement you dreamed of.

On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Lindsay Lovell sits down with Jonathan to talk about the moment she decided her 401(k) wouldn’t be enough to give her the life she dreamed about. Once she dove into real estate, Lindsay scaled her real estate business from zero to 36 doors in just 18 months–achieving the financial freedom she longed for. Today, she owns a diverse portfolio with 72 properties, including long-term vacation rentals and mobile home park ventures. She is the co-founder of GVI Capital Management and Wanderlust Stays. She is the founder of the Millionaires March, a coaching business for real estate entrepreneurs.

Jonathan and Lindsay’s conversation is in-depth, and they start by exploring how Bigger Pockets and other sources helped her begin learning about real estate investing and how to find a community of investors to connect with. She explains why her first intentional investment purchase was based in St. Joseph, Missouri, why she leaned on her mentor to guide her in the beginning, and her approach to diversification as she builds wealth. Lindsay is passionate about helping others in real estate, which led her to start the Millionaires March coaching business and helps her clients find the right asset classes for their goals.

In the last half of their conversation, Jonathan explores Lindsay’s preference for single-family homes in the Midwest, how climate change affects her purchase decisions, and her method for identifying potential investment markets. Finally, she explains why your goals for financial freedom should define your success.

Lindsay Lovell discovered the secret to creating wealth and finding financial freedom, and her passion for helping others do the same is inspiring. This episode contains lessons learned along the way that you won’t want to miss.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Lindsay Lovell’s realization that her 401(k) may not provide the retirement she wanted and her pivot toward real estate investing

  • How Bigger Pockets and the investing community’s desire to help further fueled her interest in investing

  • Lindsay’s first property purchase in St. Joseph, Missouri, which she paid $25,000 in cash for, spent $20,000 renovating, and its eventual appraisal for $62,000

  • What led her to invest in St. Joseph after initially considering Reno

  • Her conservative approach to property purchases and why she leaned on her mentor to guide her through the first few buys

  • The importance of diversification in building wealth

  • What the Millionaires March is and who Lindsay’s clients are in her coaching business

  • How she helps her clients find the right asset classes for their investing goals

  • Linday’s preference for single-family homes in the Midwest and how climate change impacts her choices

  • Why she doesn’t like flipping houses and stays away from those projects

  • The steps she took to scale her portfolio and the role of diversification in that process

  • Identifying markets based on key points that are solid indicators of a growing market

  • Getting through the nos to get to the yes with the support of a community around you

  • Focusing on your goals for financial freedom to define your success

  • The advice Lindsay offers to investors who want to get into this challenging real estate market

  • Her future plans for the Millionaires March and the one piece of advice she’d give to new investors in the current real estate climate

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