Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

Where Life Coaching and Real Estate Investing Meet with Alyssa Holbrook


Fear of real estate investing is common, especially among those new to the concept. Analysis paralysis sets in when new investors believe they need more money to start or experience confusion and which properties they should invest in. The result is that they don’t take any action at all.

With the right coach, you can overcome your fears and build generational wealth through real estate investing. In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan welcomes guest Alyssa Holbrook to share her expertise. As a certified life coach and Advanced Deep Dive coach, she helps real estate investors build million-dollar portfolios in just six months. Having started her journey in real estate at 14 years old, she understands the power of investing and is passionate about helping people change their mindsets.

One thing that makes Alyssa stand out from the crowd is her heart-centric desire to help people–not just sell to them. She wants to understand their vision for their future. Guiding them toward properties that help them align with their goals for the future is just one way she coaches them on the path to building a real estate portfolio.

Being decisive plays a significant role in becoming the investor you long to be. She believes that we release our power into the world when we make powerful decisions. Alyssa learned the lesson that even if she’s uncertain about buying a particular property, making a decision moves her forward. She isn’t afraid to fail, and if the property doesn’t work for some reason, she can always pivot. But by making decisions quickly, she’s creating a feedback loop to assist her in making future decisions.

As a certified Advanced Deep Dive coach, Alyssa wants investors to know that having an awareness and understanding that they can create anything they want. But they must change their mindset and work toward their dreams purposefully.


With her experience as a real estate agent and knowledge as an investor, Alyssa coaches her clients to live out their dreams.

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