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Top 3 Questions From Real Estate Agents


Newly licensed real estate agents are usually brimming with questions about their new careers. They may be unsure about whether to go solo, join a real estate team, or what type of brokerage to opt for.

Starting a real estate career means making multiple decisions within a relatively short timeframe. It can be thrilling but overwhelming if you’re unsure of the questions you should be asking.


  • Consider the culture of the brokerage you choose. Not every brokerage is a fit for every agent. Just like finding a culture fit in the corporate world, figure out what works for you as an agent. This is especially important as a full-time agent.

  • Building camaraderie with other agents can result in new leads for you. Finding rapport as a solo agent can be tricky, whereas working with a team means lunches together, helping with open houses, and having a backup to take calls when you’re showing houses.

  • Decide whether a real estate team is right for you. Solo agents may find it challenging to make it on their own in today’s market because it can be expensive. Paying for leads alone could cost you $5,000 a month. Add in other factors like transaction coordination, and a solo agent will spend thousands each month just to remain in operation.

Considering your options as a new agent can be exciting, but it’s important to know what questions to ask to stay on the path to success.

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