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The Value of Proof of Concept with Zasha Smith


If you want people’s money or if you’re struggling with attracting people to what you’re doing, you have to have some proof that you are capable of doing it. 

Zasha Smith, a licensed civil engineer turned full-time real estate investor, stresses the value of the proof of concept. She shares these valuable tips if you’re looking to scale and expand your network as an investor:

Be authentic.

Try to add value without expecting something back. People will appreciate that because everybody wants something from you nowadays. 

Don’t lose that human connection.

What’s nice to be a part of owning real estate as a landlord is your own ability to look a little bit beyond the numbers sometimes. If you meet someone, and you want to help give somebody a chance, you have that opportunity, if you have units that fit. 

Explore your options.

Be a part of other projects and look into other asset classes such as mobile parks or an 80-unit hotel. You don’t even have to trade your time for money anymore. You just have to be very strategic with the investments that are making money grow for you. 

Be smart with your expenses. 

Are you going to McDonald’s every week or are you buying things that you don’t necessarily need? Making those little tweaks in your budget, or how you’re investing things can really make a huge difference in how you build wealth for your family.

Mentorship is about how much action you take.

It’s not really about the mentorship itself and educating you on everything you need to know. It’s about how you make connections in that mentorship and leverage that successful person for specific answers. 

At the end of the day, it’s about you and how much action you take on the advice that they have given you. There are so many connections that you can get from being in mentorships that can help you not just scale and grow, but also gain confidence.

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