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The 3 C’s to Attract Capital with John Casmon


Raising capital should come easy –  but that’s only possible once you’ve cracked the code. 


John Casmon, real estate investor and founder of Casmon Capital Group helps busy professionals invest in real estate without taking on a second job. They have helped families invest over $100 million in multifamily apartments to create passive income, reduce their tax obligation, and foster generational wealth. 


Whether you’re new to investing or you’re looking to grow your portfolio, John shares these three C’s to attract capital:


1. Confidence

Confidence can’t be fake hubris. This is not about faking it until you make it, but you’ve got to truly believe that you can help other people. Understand their challenges and have confidence in your ability to execute and deliver for them. 


John says that it’s going to be a big red flag when you don’t want to raise money from friends and family. If you truly believe that you’re doing everything possible to deliver strong returns, then why would you not go to your friends and family and ask them to join? At least give them the opportunity to join and let them make their own decision. You don’t have to go with a hard sales pitch. But when you don’t have confidence in what you’re doing, that’s going to be a red flag to yourself.


Confidence comes from putting in the work, educating yourself, getting to the gym and the mental gym, whatever it takes for you to get better at this – the books, the podcast, the events, the mentoring, the coaching –  all of those things help you build confidence. 


2. Credibility

Your credibility is what will give people the confidence that you can actually deliver on this. What accomplishments and skills do you have so people will have the confidence to invest? It’s not necessarily based on just your own experience, but you can leverage credibility as well. 


Credibility is also about your team’s experience. What does your team have? Who’s your property manager? Who are your mentors and coaches? What experience do they have? What partners do you have? Why should investors have confidence in your team?

3. Connections

Most people rely on their friends and family, which is a great place to start. But the important thing is to find the people who want what you have to offer. If you find people who are interested in these opportunities, it’s going to be much easier for you to attract capital.


The Power of Getting a Coach or Mentor

Get a coach or mentor to help you grow your portfolio and watch that coach or mentor grow their portfolio. Mentors are not magicians. Don’t think that hiring a mentor is going to solve all your problems. But you want to be really clear on what you want to fix or what you need help with. 


Focus on your goals.  And then once you are clear on that, make sure your decisions are helping you move in that direction.

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