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Team Building with Integrity and Culture with Brett Sikora


Many real estate agents believe they shouldn’t be friends with their competition, but this common myth can harm their success. Building good relationships with other realtors can help agents expand their network and get more referrals. Being approachable and friendly with clients is also crucial to building trust and nurturing an abundance mindset rather than scarcity. By letting go of the fear of missing out on potential business and focusing on building strong relationships, agents can ultimately achieve more success in their careers.

In the latest episode of The Art of Agency, Jonathan and Mallory interview Brett Sikora, the broker-owner and team leader of The Sikora Group. With his abundance mindset, Brett has created a thriving team with a collaborative culture in Morristown, New Jersey. Brett emphasizes the importance of building relationships with other agents and helping his team members develop their personal brands. He also shares how he fosters a sense of camaraderie within his team, which has led to their continued success in the industry.

Some secrets to his success include:


  • You can’t be lazy if you want to be a successful real estate agent. Having the discipline to create some systems and processes that work to keep you on track can simplify working in real estate. Success means you can keep track of your leads, your schedule, and you can run a CRM. Be willing to have daily conversations with people, whether those are clients or other agents.

  • Work with accountability and integrity. Do what you say you’re going to do.

  • Motivation can’t be coached or taught. That character trait comes from within. Brett provides the tools and resources for success, but the agents have to be motivated enough to use them.

  • Listen to the agents on your team. If something goes wrong, find out where the problem is and collaborate to help them fix it. If the team is winning, they’re all winning together. If they’re losing, they’re losing together. Because of this attitude about his team, Brett has never lost a producing agent.


Brett’s success hinges on simple concepts, and he’s proven that working with integrity and an abundance mindset creates a winning strategy.

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