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Taking Control of Your Financial Future Through Real Estate with Lindsay Lovell


Retiring at 63 with “enough” may seem appealing, but the reality of financial freedom can reshape your retirement goals, making your 401(k) less enticing. On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Lindsay Lovell shares her journey with Jonathan, from realizing her 401(k) wouldn’t provide the retirement she desired to achieving her dreams through real estate. In just 18 months, she scaled her real estate business from zero to 36 doors, securing the financial freedom she sought.

Today, Lindsay’s portfolio includes 72 properties, from long-term vacation rentals to mobile home park ventures. As the co-founder of GVI Capital Management and Wanderlust Stays and the founder of the Millionaires March coaching business for real estate entrepreneurs, Lindsay’s story is inspirational for others seeking an alternative path to financial independence.

In Jonathan and Lindsay’s conversation, they explore her real estate story. They start by delving into her first forays into real estate, fueled by resources like Bigger Pockets and a desire to join a community of investors. Lindsay outlines the details of her first purposeful investment in St. Joseph, Missouri, her reliance on mentorship in her early days, and her approach to diversifying her wealth-building strategy. Lindsay’s dedication to assisting others in the real estate realm led to the inception of the Millionaires March coaching business, aiding clients in identifying suitable asset classes to align with their objectives.

In the latter half of the discussion, Jonathan uncovers Lindsay’s preference for single-family homes in the Midwest, her consideration of climate change in investment decisions, and her method for pinpointing promising investment markets. Lindsay concludes with a pivotal insight: measure success by achieving your financial freedom goals.

Some points you’ll hear Jonathan and Lindsay cover include:

  • Lindsay recommends understanding who your rental avatar is. The rental homes you purchase are not for you–they’re for your target renter. She owns homes in St. Joseph, Missouri, where granite countertops aren’t a must-have, even though it’s a feature she would likely choose for her home. Focus on what your renter probably wants in a home.

  • She likes single-family homes because of their appreciation, the quality of the tenants they attract, and their ability to transform into other types of rental property.

  • Diversify your assets. Some people need a niche to succeed, but building a team you can trust will allow you to expand your options.

  • Lindsay believes there are still deals in this challenging real estate market. You should be ready to pounce so that when interest rates drop, you’re prepared.


Lindsay Lovell hasn’t been in the real estate game for an extended period of time, but she discovered the secret to making it work, giving her the financial freedom she sought. She’s excited to share it with others and help them find their own paths to success.

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