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How to Scale to 80 Deals in Just 4 Years with Ryan Saulle


Whether you’re new to real estate investing or you’re thinking about getting into this world, you might think scaling is too much. But as with any other business, everything is scalable. You just have to have the right mindset, the right people, and the right processes in place.


In just four years, Ryan Saulle, co-founder of Freedom Home Buyers, was able to scale to over 80 deals – and he shares these strategies that you can add to your toolkit once you’re ready to scale!


1. Stick to your core values.


People come and go in this industry. And those people that try to get a quick dollar or scam someone just to make a buck, are the people that don’t last. Holding tight to your values helps you scale. And so, sometimes, you have to be okay with passing up on deals or letting go of deals that don’t work out as long as you’re sticking to your core values. There’s always the next one. What matters is you’re helping people first, then the business comes second. 


2. Be transparent.


The majority of people get into investing with their sole focus on money. They aren’t focused on the seller when buying homes and that leads to problems. When making deals, you have to be transparent from the very beginning. 


3. Know how to buy.


Everyone wants you to come to the table with something, and that’s understandable. Financing options, in the beginning, are a little tougher, but then as you have more evidence of your proof of concept on your investments having profitable returns, financing becomes a little easier. 


4. Use VAs in your business.


Whether it’s to help you with your acquisition or marketing, if you train them well, they can do a great job for a very limited price and everybody’s in on a win-win. 


5. Know when it’s the right time to sell.


It’s important to acquire assets that you can sell at any time, but you have to pick the right time to sell. If you let the market tell you when to sell, you’re going to be in trouble. Moreover, try not to get attached to any property even though it might make sense to live there. If it makes sense to move on and the market turns, play the market and just go get another one. When you’re at scale, there’s just more out there.


6. Get into the right mindset.


Just put it out there and make it happen, or else you’re going to have to go back to a W-2 job that you don’t like. 


Finally, as with any other type of business, make sure you find the right people and that you’ve got the same mindset and core values.

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