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From Single Parent to Million Dollar Mom in Real Estate with Amanda Todd


Real estate is often perceived as a sales career, but it’s about more than just sales–it’s about building relationships. You can create tremendously successful businesses that outpace other agents when you understand that relationships are at the core of your business. Building solid relationships with clients, agents, and the community can lead to long-term success, fostering trust, loyalty, and referrals. Recognizing and incorporating this into your business strategies can set you apart and give you a competitive edge.

Real estate offers flexibility, but it comes with trade-offs. It’s a commission-based field, which means that if you don’t sell, you don’t eat. The upside is that the earning potential is unlimited, depending on the effort you put into it. You have to be willing to put in the hard work while consistently prospecting, marketing, and providing exceptional service to clients to succeed in this competitive industry. Balancing a commission-based job’s flexibility and benefits with its challenges and responsibilities requires strategic planning, perseverance, and a strong work ethic.

In this episode of The Art of Agency, join Jonathan and Mallory as they chat with Amanda Todd, the Million Dollar Mom, about her inspiring journey from stay-at-home mom to wildly successful real estate agent. Today, she runs her own real estate group, hosts a TV show, and recently completed law school, showcasing her incredible determination in her personal and professional life. You’ll hear:

  • Don’t live commission check to commission check. If you have commission breath, clients will know. It makes you less appealing, and they can smell it if you don’t have their best interests in mind.

  • Invest in your business. If you can give yourself a liveable salary, invest the rest of your income into growing the business and scaling.

  • Be willing to fail. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. You might surprise yourself!

  • In real estate, relationships are everything. This isn’t a sales business. It’s a relationships business. The sooner you understand that, the more successful you’ll be.


This episode is full of Amanda’s reflections on what makes a successful business, and you don’t want to miss her advice for new real estate agents.

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