Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

Finding Financial Independence as a Lady Landlord with Becky Nova


On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan interviews Becky Nova, the founder of Lady Landlords and real estate investor. Becky’s journey began in her 30s, making her a first-time investor, and, along with her husband, she now owns and manages properties in both New York City and the Dominican Republic. Through her courses, coaching, and the Lady Landlords Facebook group, she helps women achieve financial independence through real estate investing.

Jonathan and Becky delve into her initial steps in real estate, starting with purchasing a two-family home with her husband. Just a year later, they bought another multifamily asset, shaping the foundation of Becky’s successful career. Their discussion covers the inception of Lady Landlords, Becky’s battle with a scarcity mindset, fostering positive tenant relationships, and self-managing their properties. They also discuss the unique aspects of international property investments, the strategic use of their Dominican Republic home, and the importance of compromise when venturing into real estate with a partner. In just five years, Becky Nova has achieved financial freedom and crafted a life aligned with her end goal.


Jonathan and Becky go more in-depth to cover:

  • Landlording is hospitality and customer service. Building good relationships with your tenants matters because they’ll let you know if something is wrong. They may also refer new tenants to you when you have a good relationship.

  • Becky self-manages her properties even though she’s in the Dominican Republic six months out of the year. She believes no one cares more about your property than you do.

  • Buying property abroad can get complicated with different mortgage rules, down payments, and pricing.

  • If you have a partner, it is crucial to be willing to compromise to meet your goals together.


If buying abroad is on your radar or you are considering a multifamily property, this episode with Becky Nova is a must-listen.

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