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Building the Premier Multifamily Investing Community with Gino Barbaro


Having a community to lean on as a real estate business owner and an investor can be an invaluable resource in your back pocket when you have questions or concerns. Going it alone isn’t easy, and experienced investors understand the power of community.

In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Gino Barbaro, founder of Jake & Gino, joins Jonathan to talk about mindset, the power of community, and knowing your “why” when it comes to real estate investing. Gino and his partner, Jake Stenziano, are committed to building the premier multifamily investing community and helping their clients achieve investment success. With approximately 2,000 multifamily units and $250 million under management, Gino is an author, entrepreneur, and the father of six.

The son of Italian immigrants, Gino shares his family’s background and the influence of their restaurant business on his journey into real estate investing. He discusses his partnership with Jake and his initial experiences in real estate, ultimately leading to his focus on multifamily properties. Jonathan and Gino explore why the current economic climate is ideal for investing, emphasizing the importance of community, mindset, and the wealth-building potential of real estate. They also discuss learning delayed gratification, setting clear goals, and the value of self-investment. Gino’s multifamily investing community aims to provide investors with the tools and knowledge to forge their path toward wealth and success by nurturing the right mindset.


Gino’s passion for helping others shines through as he and Jonathan cover:

  • Gino took life coach training following his exit from the restaurant business, which taught him valuable skills such as asking empowering questions, and understanding limiting beliefs, and the blocks people encounter when pursuing success. He discovered a love for helping others, and a community was born.

  • Viewing investing in yourself as an expense is a scarcity mindset. Viewing investing yourself as obtaining a skill or strategy you’ll have for life is a paradigm shift away from the scarcity mindset, and you need that if you want to grow yourself and your business.

  • Now is a great time to get involved in real estate investing. As the economy picks up and interest rates drop, you will have a foundation to build on. If you start now, focus, find mentors or a community, and give yourself six to 12 months, you’ll have a good run-up to the next couple of years because asset prices will continue to drop.


Gino’s community has been an invaluable asset to his clients, and he’s excited to share some of his knowledge with Jonathan’s audience as well.

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