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Becoming a Real Estate Agent with an Investor’s Eye with Basia Bubel


Having a real estate agent who began their career as an investor is a unique advantage. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the field set them apart from other realtors. They understand the nuances of investing and can identify clients who are new to the game and may need patient guidance. Additionally, they also have a keen eye for spotting opportunities and can quickly assess if the agent on the other side of the transaction will be cooperative or challenging to work with.

In the latest episode of The Art of Agency, Jonathan and Mallory are joined by Basia Bubel, who shares her journey from investor to real estate agent. When faced with a change in her life circumstances, Basia sought a career that didn’t drag her back into an office and a steady income, ultimately choosing real estate based on her prior investment experience. Basia talks about the current challenges in real estate and offers insights and emphasizes the need for stronger relationships among realtors, highlights how attorneys can impact the success of a sale, and underscores the significance of following best practices.


Some key takeaways from Basia include:

  • Resourcefulness, a willingness to ask questions, and approachability go a long way toward making a good real estate agent. Most agents don’t have these qualities.

  • One of the biggest problems in real estate today is a lack of standard practices. How one office handles transactions may be entirely different from how another handles them.

  • New investors lack the experience and knowledge of what investing is and how to work the numbers, so Basia is often reluctant to work with them. They rely on her to teach them everything, which isn’t possible.

  • A low bar of entry and a lack of professionalism make it difficult to create relationships with other agents. They’re ready and willing to fight. Basia adjusted her approach, choosing to look at every agent as a potential friend and approach them with cooperativeness and kindness.


While Basia Bubel doesn’t have years of experience as an agent, her take on real estate as a former investor is unique and displays her overall understanding of the industry.

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