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My Best Procrastination Techniques To Avoid Writing


Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

To make this list of my best procrastination techniques to avoid writing, these activities must not contribute to our greater good. For example, exercising is not procrastinating because it’s really good for you. And for your writing.

Some of these things may be mildly advantageous to your life, but none of them are more than stuff to do so you don’t have to write. I mean because you just don’t have it right now. Not on your game. You have to finish just a couple things.

Also, Netflix doesn’t count. We can all do that at anytime. It’s also not so much of a procrastination technique as a way of life. So if you need some ideas on what to do when you “can’t” write, here are a few of my favorites:

Tweeze Things

The activity of tweezing, for anyone, can always be done. There won’t be a time in your life when you have nothing to tweeze. As we age, this practice really picks up. And is way more necessary than you think.

If you don’t tweeze, I’m sorry. You probably need to. Eyebrows. Nose hairs. Ear hair. Those random hairs that you’ve never seen on your body, but somehow are like a foot long.

When you have what people like to refer to as writer’s block (P.S., it’s not real, writer’s block is bullsh*t), just take a breath and find a tweezer. See you in 15 to 35 minutes.

Fold Laundry

If you have children, this activity is always available. I continually have a load of clothes in the dryer ready to be fluffed and then folded. But I never really want to do it even though I actually like folding clothes.

It’s just the timing never matches up so I always have to put it on for 20 more minutes and then I forget again. So just go to your dryer and turn it on for 10 minutes, with the clothes in it that have been there for a week anyway, and wait. Then fold.

But really fold. Like perfectly. But don’t take them to your room just yet. You can do that next time you need a “break” from your writer’s block.


This one will arguably make your life healthier, but it’s allowed to be here because any time we go into the unsubscriber vortex, we risk the possibility of falling into multiple rabbit holes.

You’ll be going along well with your overdrawn email inbox. Sh*t. Sh*t. Sh*t. Complete and utter garbage. Why did I sign up for this in the first place? Wait, hang on. There’s a sale at J. Crew.

37 minutes later you just spent $182. But you “saved” $24.18. Even though they always have a sale going. And a code. And a discount. And J. Crew Factory. And clearance.

But get back to it because you know you don’t want to write. And get rid of the spam. Even though you technically signed up for almost of all of this. Purge anyway. So at some future time, you can go into your inbox again and not want to close your computer right away.

Make a Snack

No, not some chips. Or something else from the store. Something from a recipe you saw on Pinterest when you were “working” earlier. What? You don’t have any ingredients? Go to the store first.

Then come back (you’ve already killed a lot time just for some guacamole that you haven’t even made yet — good job) and get to work. And when your masterpiece is done, eat is slowly. And not in front of the computer that you have been ignoring.

Take the time to sit with your creation. And enjoy it. If you are feeling crazy, just write about your snack later. Or go back to unsubscribing.

Snack ideas to make at home that could really put a dent into your day:

  • hand rolled sushi

  • hummus

  • banana bread

  • vegetarian chopped liver (made with lentils)

Video Games

You knew it would be here. Nothing can nurse your writer’s block back to health better than sitting down to play one game. See you in five hours. Maybe six.


  • cat videos

  • epic fails

  • movie trailers

  • sports fights

  • TED (might be a little too worky)

Rearrange and Purge Sock Drawer

No one’s sock drawer is functional every day. They all need some organization and love. Or matching. Or purging. Socks with holes should not be in your sock drawer.

Organize them by color. Fold them using the KonMari method. You’re welcome. Seriously, all my socks are like this and it makes them so much easier to identify.

Go Through Refrigerator and Pantry

Have you ever just happened upon an item in your fridge that looks familiar, but you can’t remember when you got it. And then the expiration date says 8/14/16. Ew.

Stick your head into your fridge, freezer and pantry and throw out everything that is expired. Or was an impulse purchase that didn’t work out (Cherry Cola Oreos).

You will feel so much better after this. And if you get really granular while you are in there, you can always rearrange everything and lose an entire day of writing.

Use These To Make Sure You Never Complete Anything

If you really want to feel accomplished after a day of zero words and negative writing intention, do these things. Your life may or may not be better for it. You may or may not learn anything. But you will have been successful at procrastination. Congratulations.

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